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Tourism in Seville restoration occupies an important place. The monumental and environmental pilgrimage of our city should be completed by food tasting offered the best environment for the best invention in the world: The tapas.
Tapas in Seville is a classic among tantísima variety of restaurants, bars and abacerías choose a selection with the best places to eat in our city can be almost impossible.

Let's start with the oldest restaurant in Seville, El Rinconcillo, his hearth and good to make it a mandatory place to visit, a place of gatherings, of brotherhoods, frequented famous of all kinds; where generations of Sevillian also happen parents and grandparents to parents to children. If it comes to conducting business around a table or a family meal in elegant surroundings The Espigón with air crew and La Montanera, which shares the shore with Triana and flavors of sea and mountains are two good options. Regional specialties are well represented in restaurants and Becerra, who gently cares for your letter, or El Caserío, a nice place with a family atmosphere, where the question is not which dish we had but rather what food do not ask us? . Finally, in the Barrio del Arenal flavors of Tuscany delight your guests with homemade pasta and gnocchi recipes and delicious beef.


To enjoy the city like a Sevillian more, there is an activity you can not miss: going out for tapas. In our neighborhood of Santa Cruz in the path of one of the oldest Jewish quarters in Europe and close to our hotel are Casa Roman and Modesto, offering us with their dishes back to taste authentic flavors and top quality Iberian ham acorn common denominator of both letters.
In the center of Seville recommend Casa Morales, authentic, its interior is a treat for the eyes and one has the impression a few years back in time, the red valdepeñas accompanying tapas is excellent. The People and señera flower Toranzo, old grocery store, where cold meats, canned and emparedaditos are its flagships, yes, all of extraordinary quality. Bodeguita Romero, traditional Andalusian cuisine but made with great care and affection and finally should not miss the famous salad of Donald, the most sought Seville and probably the best in the world croquettes served at Casa Ovidio.
Cross the bridge, let's go with seafood and legendary Triana, cradle of bullfighters and flamenco singers, La Paloma Blanca and Las Golondrinas are a clear example of friendly and close relationship with a tapas that follow the tradition for over 30 years.